You may be getting exhausted hearing about the same old average morning routine – wake up, meditate, journal, and if you’re feeling playful some mirror affirmations. All of these things are great and we love sharing these tools with you, but let’s be real for one second…after a long period of time, like anything in life, it gets boring and you need to spice it up. There we said it, and we don’t feel any shame! Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling unmotivated, less creative and in need of  some inspiration…you’ve come to the right place. 


  • You’re Running On Autopilot: The entire point of a morning routine is to come back to your body and out of your head. But even this can get redundant! If you find yourself unable to focus during your morning routine, it may be time to switch things up. ​​“Having a routine is great, but only if it serves your goals. If it’s not doing that, it’s called a rut.” — Josh LaJaunie (Wise, huh?) 
  • It Feels Like a Chore: Not to be confused with “I just don’t feel like meditating today.” Most days, we know we’re not going to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. But when you start putting off your morning routine, consistently, this could be a sign you’re ready for change. 
  • You Feel Stagnant: You know those days where you do it all and still feel like you’ve plateaued? No matter how much you journal, or how much you meditate, you still feel like you’re not moving forwards? This is a great time to change things up and add a new step into your morning routine. 


  • Make a Fun Playlist (And Dance): Whether you’re team Apple or Spotify, there’s room for everybody here. Create a playlist filled with upbeat music that makes you feel happy, play this each morning and see how your mood changes. Playing uplifting songs has a profound effect on the brain, stimulating it to increase feel-good hormones which boost our mood.
  • Introduce a Greens Powder: We’ve been loving the Amazing Grass powder available here. Drinking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has given us quite the pick-me-up without all the caffeine. Having something yummy to look forward to in the morning always makes us happy. Don’t forget to use code NATALEE30 for 30% off!
  • Spice Up Your Water: We love our Hydroflask, and it loves us. But drinking 3L of water every day get’s old fast. You know by now how important staying hydrated is, so let’s make it fun. We love adding fresh lime wedges, ice, and a ginger tea bag or try adding a hibiscus tea bag with some mint. There’s so many options out there, time to get creative!
  • Play Around With Workouts: If you’re feeling stagnant in your morning routine, it may be time to play around with your workouts. Whether you’re a morning or afternoon workout gal, you should still be incorporating some type of movement into your your moring routine. Exercise in the morning fills your lungs and body with oxygen and increases blood flow after a stagnant night. Even if this is a simple stretch or yoga flow, we love Boho Beautiful on Youtube
  • Facial Ice Roller: Not only does this feel amazing, you’re guaranteed to look a little bit more Kate Moss-esque. One of our go-to podcasters released the Hot Mess Ice Roller, the benefits include boosting your circulation which encourages optimum cell function, and helps shrink the size of pores, for smoother-looking skin…need we say more? 
  • Tongue Scraper: Seriously an underrated step in mosts wellness routines. Researchers in one 2005 study found that using a tongue scraper twice a day for seven days reduced the overall incidence of the bacteria types that are known to cause bad breath and dental decay. Go for the copper or stainless steel ones that you can clean properly. 
  • Tell a Loved One How Much They Mean: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of making someone else’s day. Take the time to remember what’s going on in your friends’ and family’s lives. Tell people you miss them. Tell people how much you appreciate having them in your life. You truly never know what the next day will bring. 
  • Practice Scripting: A manifestation technique used in the form of journaling, this can be an extremely powerful way to bring your goals to fruition. Write down your goals in present tense, as if you’ve already accomplished them. How does this make you feel? Embody that energy and carry it with you throughout your day. 

There is absolutely no shame in changing your morning routine. Look at this as a positive thing, if you’re ready for change it means you’ve outgrown the most recent version of yourself – this is something to celebrate. Really listen to what makes you genuinely happy, your gut doesn’t lie. 

If you’re new to the morning routine world, we recommend starting with our Magic Mornings Journal. We pride ourselves on being the journal for people who don’t love to journal. Laid out for you, the Magic method follows 5 simple steps to help you become a new you. It’s time to shed some layers. 

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