Whether you’re planning a hot girl summer with your friends, a romantic summer with your partner, or simply just going with the flow – this one’s for you. Everyone, and we repeat, everyone, needs alone time. It’s an essential part of the personal development journey yet seems to be one of the most difficult to actually implement. We’re breaking down why alone time is so important for your mental health, and how you can actually schedule it into your summer plans. The introverts are truly having the spotlight this season. 


Builds Self-Confidence: When we’re forced to do things on our own, we begin proving that we can accomplish goals we’ve set for ourselves. It forces us to adapt, and think of new ways and strategies to get to where we want to be. 

Strengthens Future/Current Relationships: The relationship you have with yourself is critical because it is the foundation for all your other relationships in life. How do you expect a partner to know what you like if you’re not even sure? 

Sends Us On The Right Path: Boredom leads to curiosity. Curiosity leads us to creativity. You’ll never truly know what you’re interested in until you spend time alone. We’re so occupied with our screens and notifications that we rarely spend time turning inward (which is where all the answers are!) 


At-Home Spa Night: This is where you’ll find us Friday night. We recommend exfoliating with the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. Our CEO, Natalee was eating at a restaurant one night and the server had gorgeous skin! So of course she had to get the tea and see what she uses. She name-dropped the Acure scrub and lone and behold it was only $8 and high-quality. 
    Candle Lit Dinner: Any late-night that involves candles feels immediately like we’re in an early 2000’s rom-com. Our fave is the Mala Cereal Candle which you can find here. They call it nostalgia in a jar for a reason. 

    Vision Board & Coffee (Or Matcha) Date: Taking yourself out on a solo date feels a little overdone at this point and can low-key feel a bit awkward. Spice it up a bit by bringing your laptop and sitting down to make a digital vision board using Pinterest & Canva! You’ll be occupied for hours, trust us. 

    Tour Your Own City: Fanny packs are not required (but they are slightly encouraged!) Head over to Trip Advisor and scout out the must-sees in your city. Bring a digital camera and make a photo album out of it! Get your peace sign ready. 

    Try a New Outdoor Workout Class: Summer requirements = spend as much time outdoors as possible. Fresh air has been shown to help digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, and strengthen the immune system. If you’re working 9-5, plan for a weekend class. 

    Charcuterie Park Picnic: Think “Emily in Paris eating a baguette under the Eiffel tower”, she would make that look extremely chic. So why can’t you? Pack a mini charcuterie, grab a good book, and head to the park. Don’t forget a comfy blanket! Grass stains aren’t the vibe. 

    Write Yourself a Love Letter: Whether or not your love language is words of affirmation, this is something you need to try. Create a safe, cozy space and write a love letter to yourself. What would you want to hear from someone else? What qualities do you enjoy about yourself? Spill! 

    Try Out Your Local Farmer’s Market (And Make a New Recipe): Make a game out of it by writing down 10 different cuisines and putting them in a jar. Pull one out, and create a meal from scratch. Throw on your monochrome set active suit and head to the farmers market for the ingredients. Fresh is best. 

    Podwalk: Podwalk is a term created by our founder Natalee, herself. She created this as a form of self-care (not to mention it has a nice ring to it). Put on your fave podcast and zone out for the next hour. Free therapy at its finest. 

    Bake For Yourself: Betty Crocker who? Make a Pinterest board of desserts you’ve been dying to try. Pick one, and start baking. It’s okay if they don’t turn out, that’s what bakeries are for. We are obsessed with this  lemon bar recipe.

    Summer or not these are all great recommendations you can add to your normal day-to-day to spice up your routine (okay maybe not the outdoor workout). Which one will you book in your calendar this weekend? Let us know on Instagram by tagging us at @mymagicmornings.


    The Magic Team

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