A blurb from a recent read: 

Do you ever read a book or listen to a podcast and immediately call a friend or family member to tell them that they MUST pick up the book or download the podcast because it was so good?

Yeah, me too.

Although when I’m reading something great I think about how badly I want to share it with YOU, yes you reading this now. As I was doing my morning routine this morning and checked off “read for 30 minutes” on my list of to-do’s, I thought I had to share a snippet of what was in this morning’s read.

The book is called The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

I am toward the end of the book at a chapter called “It is my Intention to: Feel Successful and Attract Abundance into My Life”

Many of us have heard the saying in one way or another that “what you put out into the world you will attract back.” Well...It’s true, and there’s some reason ( al lot) of science that backs it. In his book, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that “It turns out that at the tiniest subatomic level, the actual act of observing a particle changes the particle.” In other words, the energy you are releasing when around other energy sources (anything living) you immediately affect it. So, you’re telling me “bad vibes” are a real thing? Absolutely.

Whether you are intending to or not, the energy you exude affects everything that around you. The thoughts and energy we carry into a room, an interview, a family gathering, the grocery store, post office, school etc. etc., is going to affect the entire experience we have and anyone around us has. You literally have the power to raise the vibration of the room you are in by choosing peace, gratitude, optimism, and love. The key topic here is choice. You have a choice. How do you want your daily interactions to go? This type of positive energy attracts abundance, friendship, success, new jobs, and fresh opportunities. When you walk into a space from a place of love you are immediately in frequency with the universal intention (Source, God, Universe) and it is conspiring for you. Most of us have never been taught this. We are going through our day-to-day acting in the way we have learned from our parents or those external influences throughout our life and undenounced to us, it has become a pattern in our everyday life! It is our job to undo these unconscious patterns of just going-through-the-motions every day. It’s time to take control of our lives by simply living with intention. It takes time. It takes implementing small habits every day to strengthen our ability to be present and conscious of our thoughts and actions. Can we do it? Absolutely. Is it life-changing? 100%. Does it attract abundance in love, wealth, successes, and health? Utterly. Attracting these things with a limiting viewpoint is an impossibility. The best part of this type of work is that it helps others. They will feel it, and they will embody it. In laments terms, get out there and start spreading good vibes. 


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