First off, I am so grateful you are here! Thank you for taking time in your day to check out the MAGIC movement and learn a little about me. 

My name is Natalee and I am an actress & entrepreneur. But my identity, like yours, is far more complex and nuanced than those labels. Who I am is rich with complicated thoughts, emotional discoveries and hard lessons learned. If a life well-lived is one of growing through experiences filled with confusion and self-doubt, then I think I’m on the right path! (ahem, imposter syndrome?)

Let’s just get right into it! I grew up the youngest of three girls in Mission Viejo, California. My life was pretty normal, until around 16 when the easy flow of my teenage years was challenged. I became the focus of some bullies and it grew so severe that I had to change high schools to escape from it. I managed. Then in 2008 we lost our family home due to the market crash. I rebounded. Then, my family took me aside one day and told me that my dad...he wasn't my biological one. I paused. I breathed. I shook it off as inconsequential as it didn’t change the strength of the relationship I shared with the man I had called dad for the past 16 years.

Time plus maturity, plus an interest in being a performer, brought my dad's disclosure back to the surface. As I started to develop my skills as an actress, I realized that acting is all about identity. It’s about becoming someone else. I was then able to understand that before I could explore the identity of a character, I better get straight with my own. This honest and rigorous look within gifted my (at the time 23 year old) self a little bit of an identity crisis. It was all so overwhelming when I decided to really look at where I came from and try to process it.

What I finally recognized was that who I am is who I make up my mind to be. What I deem important enough to dedicate my life to, what dreams I dare to follow and what spirit I bring to the world around me, defines me more than anything else. I found in me a burning desire to be something and a compelling force urging me to lean into it. And so, I did.

I moved to LA at 19, to begin my acting career and after approximately 300 “No’s” from producers and casting directors (no, i'm not exaggerating), I booked my first TV show in 2018. During this time, I started to get curious about the self-help industry. After reading my fair share of self-help books & listening to podcasts, I stumbled upon this new-found passion of inspiring others to discover their truest identity and live their lives to the fullest potential.(all while discovering my own of course!) I then realized that I hadn’t yet found the perfect practice for me that offered this idea of peace, presence, and equanimity, mixed with action, perseverance, and determination.  Creating such a resource and making it available to anyone who could identify with my vision, became my greatest goal.

Welcome to the MAGIC movement! Let us start inspiring ourselves and all those around us. We are the only ones who can create the change we wish to see. So start today.  

I have been consistently doing MAGIC since I started the brand in 2020. I have seen significant change in my productivity, I have watched my goals come to fruition, and I have experienced an over-all peace and presence throughout my day. I believe that part of my identity is being a conduit for others to better know themselves. I believe this journal is a significant step toward that goal.

With love + magic,




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I am glad I’m knowing the about your life. Very good.