Magic Sacred Talisman


Hand-made in Australia. This beautiful, magically charged sacred talisman will energetically light you up for your day. It includes a card-stock that describes each talisman and what it stands for as well as a blank space to write your intention. 

Level-up your intention setting with this hand-made sacred talisman. 

The WHITE thread stands for mediation and expanding spiritual wisdom.

The PINK thread stands for unconditional love and the balance between the spiritual and the material.

The GOLD thread stands for the sun, fire, a new day.

Limited availability.

Each talisman is approximately 10 inches in height.


Hand-made design by  Madelina Collective

Here is a mini-guide on how to start your morning M.A.G.I.C. There is no right or wrong way. 

I understand the term “morning routine” can sound overwhelming. Check out this guide to see exactly how you can do your morning magic. It is simple and, I promise, an extremely effective way to start your day.

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