How MAGIC was created...

Meet Natalee

Founded in 2020 by Natalee Linez, actress and entrepreneur, MAGIC exists to help guide your mornings to a more present, mindful, energized day, week, and life. Everyone has the magic inside of them to succeed at whatever they put their energy into. Starting with your morning!

After trying out many different journaling methods, Natalee was struggling to find a routine, structure, and consistency. She knew the importance of a morning routine. As she kept learning she found that many high performers like Kobe Bryant to Oprah... and even going back to Thomas Edison, each had their own morning practice.

After trial and error I finally mastered the perfect morning, and it went a little like this...

-Meditate: 10 minutes
-write down 3 Affirmations
-3 things i'm Grateful for
-3 Intentions
-... and finally treat myself to some Coffee

One early morning after writing this on the same page in a notebook, I saw the opportunity for my very own morning method, M.A.G.I.C. I have been consistently doing MAGIC for the past two years. I have seen significant change in my productivity, I have watched my goals come to fruition, and I have experienced an over-all peace and presence throughout my day. I believe that part of my purpose is being a conduit for others to better know themselves.

I thought it would be selfish to keep this daily habit that has changed my life, from the world!