Welcome to MAGIC, my name is Natalee. 

I’m thankful you’ve found your way here to create a little something special in your life.

I’m so excited to invite you into this community I’ve created for you and introduce you to the MAGIC method. I truly hope you’ll find it as powerful and purposeful as I have.

You may only know me as the creator of MAGIC so far, but as we get to know each other better, you’ll learn I’m also a Scorpio (extra love to all the Scorpios out there!) and an actress living in LA and working wherever my job takes me. I’m currently writing this from Vancouver, Canada, where I’m watching the autumn leaves fall and enjoying the crisp air!

I grew up in beautiful South Orange County as one of three girls, but just between you and me, I often felt like an only child with my sisters being 10 and 7 years older than me. I spent a lot of time with my super supportive mom while I paved my own way into the working world as a bagger at Albertsons, a spa lounge attendant at Montage hotel, and even a hostess at several different restaurants.

I moved to LA when I was 20 years old with a total of $5,000 saved (which was gone in about a month!). I made the move in pursuit of an acting career, and the first few years struggled to get by. But I never got sidetracked by the partying and fun of LA, I put my head down and worked hard on auditions, and after hearing 100’s of no’s for every one yes, I slowly made my way to becoming a (super grateful) working actor. 

But what came with being a working actor was an inconsistent schedule and a life with really no structure. Yikes! I found myself struggling to create routines (maybe you can relate?) and find ways to ground myself throughout the day, and out of that need, MAGIC was born in 2020.


The MAGIC method was created using positive psychology research and endless deep dives into the habits of high performers and mindful individuals like the modern-day monk, Oprah Winfrey, dating all the way back to ancient philosophers, and more. I became intrigued.

How did all these powerhouses contribute to MAGIC? I found they all had one single thing in common: a morning routine.

That’s right. A simple, yet powerful, morning routine that includes things like meditation, affirmations, and gratitude. (And, of course, coffee. We can’t forget coffee.)

I combined all the common elements from each one of their morning routines to create the MAGIC method:

Meditation: meditate for 10 minutes (I love guided meditations, but you can use any type of meditation you enjoy)

Affirmations: write 3 affirmations

Gratitude: write 3 things you’re grateful for, big or small

Intentions: write 3 intentions for your day

Coffee: treat yourself to some coffee and reflect on your morning

After practicing this routine a few times, I realized: this was it. I had finally found a small, but truly magical, powerful space in which I felt a sense of peace, calm, creativity, and empowerment to start my days.

The peace and clarity that came from my new-found MAGIC mornings soon spilled over into my weeks and months, giving me structure, focus, and determination to tackle my dreams and reach my goals. What did that look like? Everything started falling into place, I began finding gratitude for the small things (which manifested in more and more things to be grateful for), and I watched my life transform. Transform.

Now, I can’t wait to hear how MAGIC helps transform your life in its own way.


There’s so many things I love about the MAGIC journal, but if I had to choose one, my absolute favorite part is the “i” in MAGIC. Intentions.

Intention setting is so unbelievably powerful, we often forget that intentions are the driving force behind our goals, dreams, and the future we co-create with the universe. Use the MAGIC journal to really dial in and clarify your intentions, and then do your part by taking action on those intentions. 

Next, watch the energy surrounding you begin to boost you and your intentions as you write them down daily.

My intentions created the life I’m now so grateful for living each and every day. 

Now let’s build you your dream life.

All it takes is a little MAGIC.