When you think of summer, what comes to mind? For the MAGIC team, we instantly think of heading to the beach with a good book and inviting friends over for a late-night dinner filled with red wine and laughs. Early AM workouts are followed up by a coffee date (iced of course) and the days feel longer, that vitamin D has been giving us the energy we need. Coming out of hibernation and diving headfirst into summer can feel overwhelming. Oftentimes, we need an energetic reset to prepare us for what’s to come. We’re doing a full breakdown of everything you need to make this month (and next) your best one yet. Let’s hit that reset button. 


Don’t get confused, we don’t want you to go spend $150+ on a 3-day juice cleanse. When we refer to the term reset, we believe it all comes down to how you feel. Are you energetic and excited for what’s to come? If not, think of this as a habit reset. When you take care of your habits, your mental & physical health follows. A reset can help you…

  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress
  • Increase Motivation
  • Provide Guidance
  • Increase Happiness 


You may want to consider doing a reset if you…

Have 0 Drive: When we get stuck in that low-frequency state, we think it’s permanent. The hard truth is that taking the first step is by far the most challenging part of getting out of a rut. Doing a reset helps you set goals for yourself, and giving you something to work towards can be really motivating!

Suffer From Chronic Fatigue: Are you sleeping 10-12 hours per night and still waking up tired? This could mean your mind is stuck in the past or constantly worrying about the future. Both are exhausting for the brain. Either way, you’re spending the majority of your time somewhere other than the present moment. Chronic fatigue can also be linked to overeating processed food and not taking care of your physical health.

Coping Using Unhealthy Habits: Those things you know you shouldn't be doing but do them anyway…(calling out anyone with a vape) Coping with stress by using unhealthy habits simply means you’re scared to confront your feelings around the situation. When doing a mental reset we focus on what makes us feel good and what gives us the true confidence to face those feelings head-on. The first step in breaking a habit is acknowledging it’s there.

A body and mind that is well cared for will contribute to a much more positive life. Here are five ways to reset this summer. 

5 SIMPLE WAYS TO RESET BEFORE SUMMER (That Don’t Involve a Gym Membership): 

  • Amazing Grass Greens Powder: As seen at whole foods & other health stores. This is one of our founder's favorite life hacks. She mixes her greens with water using this handy frother (she swears by this thing) and voila, she has a quick pick-me-up that makes her feel clear and focused throughout the day.  We recommend drinking first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get the most benefits! (Psst..Code NATALEE30 for 30% off!)
  • Probiotics: If you’re going to add a vitamin to your daily ritual make sure it’s a probiotic. Probiotics focus on gut health, your gut is your second brain for a reason. Probiotics aid in digestion, and immune support and also is good for vaginal health (Bonus!) Our founder, Natalee takes probiotics a few times a week and these are her go-to's. She keeps them in the fridge and whenever she needs an extra pep in her step, will take one.
  • Body By Bina! (@bodybybina): It’s summertime, which means the days are longer and we naturally have more energy. Let’s put that to good use by introducing a new workout class into your routine. Body By Bina is an online Pilates class starting at $25 USD per month, or one week free! We love her because she’s amazing at keeping you motivated in class. Why not make your workouts fun? Try taking your yoga mat to the park for your own outdoor pilates class.
  • Create a Low Energy Morning Routine: Morning routines have the reputation of being overwhelming and unrealistic. What’s unrealistic to us is assuming we’re going to wake up each morning excited and ready to take on the day (As Cher from Clueless would say, as if!) Creating a low energy routine with 1 to 2 small tasks that best suit your needs and still give you that time to turn inward is much more manageable than trying to fit a million different things into your morning routine because you think you have to. We recommend starting with the magic morning journal – it’s a 5 step morning routine done for you. All you need is 20 minutes or less but the impact is incredible!
  • Drunk Elephant Baby Facial: We can’t mention a summer reset without a good face mask? Skincare is the elite version of self-care. Our CEO Natalee swears by this face mask, it’s very strong and is meant to be used once every two weeks or even once a month (so the bottle lasts longer)  When using this mask there is a slight burning/tingling sensation but that’s how you know it’s working! It’s pretty much like getting a facial hence the name. A little pricy but when you take into account how expensive it is to get one facial at a spa, it makes up for it. Not to mention it saves you a lot of time! 

Summer is a time to focus on yourself, turn inward, and find what truly lights you up. It’s a time to say yes and create new experiences and you can’t do that if you’re feeling down and unmotivated. No matter what the month make sure you’re taking inventory of how you’re feeling, what’s going on in your life and if you’re in need of a little reset. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes every morning to check in with yourself.

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The Magic Team

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