Whether you only have 1 minute or 1 hour, or just need some *immaculate vibes* for your meditation or sleep routine, check out some of my go-to videos for guided meditations, background noise, and Chakra Healing Frequencies. 

If you only have 1 minute…

Even if you only have sixty seconds to spare, a one minute meditation is super beneficial to your day. Whether you need a moment away from stress, are rushing in the morning, or just about to walk into a meeting, I recommend resetting your mind with the Headspace mini meditation:


If you have 5 min…

This meditation brings you back to Earth with mindful breathing. I love this short, 5 min meditation because it focuses on the breath. Doing a short meditation like this every day will really improve your focusl, and is perfect for those just starting out!


If you have 10 minutes…

This guided breathing meditation has relaxing music and is guided by a calm voice. I like to start the day with meditations like this one, so that I feel centered and calm before the day begins.


If you have 20 min…

This practice begins with a body scan, which is one of my favorite ways to bring awareness to the body and mind. You can do a body scan at any time of day, but I recommend using this technique when you are gearing up to feel relaxed; after work, exercise, or when you are getting ready to go to sleep.


If you have 30 min…

With 30 min you can really get into the zone! 30 minute meditations can be tough, but with practice you can stay focused throughout the entire time and feel your breath control improve as the minutes pass. When you come out of this one, you will feel absolutely centered.


If you have an hour…

A full hour of meditation gives you plenty of time to stretch your mind and train your breath. If you find yourself becoming restless or fidgety, go back and try the 30 min meditation for a few days to work yourself up to a full hour of focus. Once you can do it, it’s totally worth the results! Get ready to feel clear-minded and focused.


If you just need some calm vibes:

You already know that here at MAGIC, we love Coffee! Now you can bring the rainy day coffee shop to your meditation routine. This channel does live videos, so whether you just need some calm vibes or background sounds for your own meditation, this meditation music is immaculate. 


If you need a mental reset: 

For the days that all hope feels lost, reset your confidence with this short video full of positive affirmations. We all need to be reminded sometimes that we truly are amazing. 


If you need some Hz frequencies:

I love to use Hz frequencies for meditation, sleeping, or even during exercise. You can search for Hz frequencies for a variety of situations, but I love this 9 hour video for positive energy. Put it on for an hour before you sleep and feel your vibes change overnight!


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