Sweater weather is here, and you know what that means.

It’s that time of the year where we are finally able to dive deep into the cozy fall vibes. And what screams cozy fall vibes more than wearing a cozy outfit, grabbing a fluffy throw blanket, some hot coffee or tea, a book, and reading by a window to watch the fall leaves float to the ground?

The only thing that could make that better is by reading a book chosen for you based on your zodiac sign.

I’ve gathered a list of all the most popular reads so far in Fall 2021 and matched them with different zodiac signs. So what’re you waiting for? Scroll down, find your zodiac sign, and matching book, cozy up, and read away!


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, by Mark Manson

You’ve probably been told to be positive in a situation where you just wanted to feel all the emotions instead. Well, this book challenges you to do so. Aries - you like to be the best at almost every single thing, but that can lead to burnout. This book will help aid you in understanding and finding the things you should truly care about, instead of trying to care a lot about every little thing!


The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter—And How to Make the Most of Them Now, by Meg Jay

As culture is changing, many have been told that our twenties don’t matter as much anymore, but that our thirties are the most important years of our lives. However, this book challenges that and holds strong on the idea that our twenties are the most defining years of our lives. Because you, Taurus, like to be deliberate with your actions, this take on life will speak to you and reassure you that taking your twenties seriously will set you up for your best future.


I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness, by Claire Vaye Watkins

The woman at the forefront of this story goes by the author’s name, Claire Vaye Watkins. She boards a plane for a short trip that grants her an escape from being a wife and mother. However, this short trip turns into a much longer stay. As you know, Gemini, you’re known to have an intrinsic duality, you will be able to appreciate the main character being visited by her past and contemplating her life as it is known to be back home. Also, some crazy twists and turns are guaranteed - you will love it. 


​​Beautiful World, Where Are You, by Sally Rooney

A story of four adults trying their best to navigate life, sex, love, communication, and relationships is a perfect read for you this fall, Cancer. Having the personality of being reflective and adaptive to your surroundings, this book will make you uncomfortable because of the conversations and actions taken and not taken. A lot is unpredictable in the lives of these four adults, similar to how we don’t always know what to expect when it comes to Cancers!


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, by Jordan B. Peterson

You, Leo, tend to seem to have it all figured out, which is why this book might be perfect for you. This book challenges readers to think about life differently and make changes to improve life in general. This will encourage you to look at your life and really wonder if this is the life you have planned for themselves. It’ll make you question everything, in a good way. 


Oh William!, by Elizabeth Strout

Human connection, human relationships, and human growth. This story goes through love and loss, as well as learning about why things are the way in your life just a little too late. Because you, Virgo, can understand things on a deep level, this story will be intensely captivating. Most other zodiac signs might not see what’s so profound within the lines of this story, but you will be able to capture it all with great reflection.


Discover the Power Within You, by Eric Butterworth

A classic that inspires and challenges the reader to find their potential, this book makes you realize everything you need is within you already, you just have to unlock it. Libra’s seek balance and harmony in their life and this book will most definitely help you find that deep inside. By the end, you will have found new ways of thinking and be able to reach a level of equilibrium in your life that you haven’t reached before.


Five Tuesdays in Winter, by Lily King

Five Tuesdays in Winter features multiple short stories, mainly centered around love, grief, and loss. They are each written with such raw and genuine emotion that it will be hard for you, Scorpio, to not feel deeply, given how much passion and love you hold. The lives of the characters are hectic and the stories tell us how they deal with the consequences of their lives.


Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

In this story, the passion and power within a woman are portrayed as an extinct animal. The purpose of the book is to bring the inner woman out and not be afraid to be her real self. Sagittarius’ doesn’t like being tied down and appreciates honesty which is why you won’t be able to leave this book. It will have you questioning who you are and how you live your life, hopefully inspiring you to make changes from within and embracing a power you have that may have been hidden for quite some time.


Matrix, by Lauren Groff

Take a trip into a time machine and go into the past with Marie de France, the main character of the book. A woman who was once a reluctant refugee finds herself leading and paving the way in a corrupted world. Because this character has to learn to handle both material and emotional realms. Not only does she have the desire to gain knowledge on how to navigate this corrupt life, but much like a Capricorn, she wants to share her knowledge with others.


My Body, by Emily Ratajkowski

This book is a powerful reflection of a woman’s body and how others feel entitled to it and treat it as property. Although this story follows a woman who is well known within society, almost any woman and many others will be able to relate to the same exact things she criticizes. Aquarius’ have the ability to not care what others think of them and aim to not let anything get in their way. Because of this, you, Aquarius, will be able to strongly resonate with the fight and criticism in this book.


A Calling for Charlie Barnes, by Joshua Ferris

In this story, Charlie Barnes’ son is trying to tell the story of his father’s life, which is a rather complicated one. You, Pisces, try to go throughout life using all the lessons you have learned to make your life the best it can be. However, sometimes it is difficult to see what we want for ourselves. Similarly to the life of Charlie Barnes, he couldn’t find anything rather beautiful in the life he created but ended up finding his calling where he least expected it and started living the life he dreamed of.

Time to Dive in!

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations based on your zodiac signs. If you do read one of the books above, please send a DM and let me know how you liked it! Additionally, I’m always looking for new books to dive into, so if you have any you think a Scorpio would enjoy, send it my way! Happy reading!

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